Glendalough Trail in aid of Fighting Blindness

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Long Course:

The 2022 Long run route is approximately 15.1 km long over some superbly scenic forest trails in the Glendalough area. A map of the route is pictured below and link to the trail is at this Run Go App

Only ~500m of the race is on tarmac surface and there is approximately 600m of very mucky trail with tree branches to negotiate. Total elevation gain/loss of the 15.1km trail is ~450m.

Trail runners are highly recommended for this route and your runners will get wet and mucky for certain.

GPX of Long Course HERE

Short Course:

We also have an alternative 8.6km long route aimed at slower joggers and walkers which avoids the mucky section.

Link to the Short Course is on the RunGo App HERE

There will still be a significant challenge with ~250+m of elevation gain on this route  but regular runing shoes should be ok for this route which is shown below

GPX of Short Course HERE

Both courses will have the same start and finish sections.

Race Start

The race start is located approximately 600m from the main (OPW) car park at the lower lake.

For the Long Course (15.1km) there will be an early start for very slow joggers and visually impaired athletes only at 10.30am

The race director reserves the right to limit availability of the early start to slower athletes only at his discretion as otherwise the results service is likely to be compromised

The main race field for the Long Course (15.1km) route will start at 11am

The Short course (8.4km) route will start at 11.30am

Both events will finish on "Green Road" close to the pedestrian bridge beside the OPW visitors centre.

Assembly for Race Briefing for the long route is at the rear of the Glendalough Hotel at 10.45am

Assembly for Race Briefing for the short route is at rear of the Glendalough Hotel at 11.15am


Registration for all participants will begin at 9am at the Brockagh Resource Centre in Laragh Village (just up hill from Mc Coys shop/petrol pumps).

Slow joggers for the Long Course (15.1km), those realistically anticipating taking over two hours to complete the course and visually impaired athletes must register before 10am and be ready to leave the Brockagh Centre by 10.10am. There will be a race briefing at the start line for these participants who will then be transferred to the race start by our courtesy bus.

Registration for runners is open from 9am to 10.40am in The Brockagh Resource Centre.

Race briefing for the all other 15.1km runners will take place at 10.45am in the car park to the rear of the Glendalough Hotel (there are some toilets available here and at OPW  visitors centre next door). Participants will then walk the ~400m to the race start at 10.50am.

The Long Course (15.1m) race main field start is at 11.00am

The Short Course (8.4km) event start for all participants will be at 11.30am with race briefing at rear of hotel at 11.15am


On day sign on at Brockagh Respurce centre as shoown on this map

                                                                                          Race Briefing at rear of Glendalough Hotel & START 400m away